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Being a leader isn't an option. You're born a leader.

When you hear the word "leadership", what images come to mind? Most people who we've asked this question to have told us that they imagine CEOs, managers, corner-offices, suits and ties, and higher management. In other words, we view a leader as someone above us, beyond us, and paid more than us.

But leadership isn't that simple.

Ordinary people like you have a huge role as a leader. You may not have a team of 500 employees reporting to you, or have the responsibility of balancing a $5,000,000 budget. But you are a leader.

Everyone is a leader of one person: themselves. We all have the responsibility to lead ourselves well, and become the person we are meant to become. This isn't something done overnight. It takes grit, sweat, and discipline. It requires us to look beyond our title, and realized our destiny for greatness.

Although you may have an ordinary job like a stay-at-home mom, a mailman, a college student, a mechanic, or bus driver, you're meant to be an extraordinary leader.

BreadBox is here to guide you to becoming an extraordinary leader. Starting with you, we challenge you to rethink your role in this world and grow into a great leader. From blog posts to podcasts, we pour our hearts into making content that is designed to help you become an extraordinary leader. Consider us your guides on this amazing adventure toward extraordinary leadership.

Now, it's time to begin your journey toward great leadership. Get ready; this adventure is going to be incredible!


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