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Good to Great by Jim Collins

BreadBox Rating  - 7.75 out of 10

Number of pages  - 400

Summary  -  For years, this question preyed on the mind of Jim Collins. Are there companies that defy gravity and convert long-term mediocrity or worse into long-term superiority? And if so, what are the universal distinguishing characteristics that cause a company to go from good to great? This book is a detailed study on the topic of companies who make the leap from good to great, and why.

Breadbox Review   -  Detailed data research may sound boring to many people, but Jim Collins proves that there is something valuable about thorough research. By using a wide variety of example companies and their comparisons, Collins extracts the essence of companies that go beyond the norm, and move from being an average company to being the highest caliber of companies.

     Collins does a great job at using stories to back up his data, which keeps the reader engaged in this massive research process. The simplicity and practicality of these learned lessons from stories of real companies creates an inspiring motivation to know more of how companies truly become great.

     Practically speaking, this book is chalk-full of steps any company or organization can take to encourage success in their future. However, the biggest theme in this book is discipline. Only companies who were disciplined with people, with thought, and with actions made it to the top. And the only way anyone can expect to attain great success is through patience, discipline, and courage.

     Although this book isn't the easiest to read, it is highly recommended for people that work in a competitive market and want to know what it takes to take their companies or organizations from good to great.

Outside Reviews

“A book CEOs can't wait to buy."
             ― USA Today

“The difference is how hard Mr. Collins works to arrive at his simple conclusions. They are based on years of detailed, empirical research and are all the more powerful for producing such unexpected results."
             ― Financial Times

"This carefully researched and well-written book disproves most of the current management hype--from the cult of superhuman CEO to the cult of IT to the acquisitions and merger mania. It will not enable mediocrity to become competence. But it should enable competence to become excellence."
              ―  Peter F. Drucker, author, The Effective Executive


Nick Sasala