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The Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann

BreadBox Rating  - 9 out of 10


Number of pages  - 144

Summary  -  Being a Go-Getter is common in our society, but being a Go-Giver is much less prevalent. This small story engages the reader in a well-written, insightful and challenging tale of a man named Joe who learns the most powerful business idea that has ever been created.

Breadbox Review  -  For any leader looking for success, this book is the place to start. Through a creatively crafted short story, you'll learn the fundamentals to having the most success in business. It'll challenge your way of thinking, encourage your personal growth, and give you a refreshing view of what success really looks like.

   From the moment I started reading this book, it was extremely difficult to put down. It engaged me on so many levels. To say that this book is essential to leadership would be an understatement. You'll learn more in this short story then in reading 10 books on leadership.

   Interestingly, Burg and Mann suggest that there is one simple way to improve your business and attain success in life: give to others unconditionally. This unconventional idea has elicited an emotional response from me and challenged me to dive deeper into serving others unconditionally. Go buy this book now! You won't regret reading it!

Outside Reviews

  • The Go-Giver is one of those rare books that entertains with a great storyline while simultaneously delivering an uplifting, life-affirming message that we can apply immediately.”

           — Darren Richardson, Science of Mind

  • “A lovely reminder to us all that the world is abundant and rewards those who act with a generosity of spirit.”

           — Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., author, See Jane Lead and Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Offic

  • “Most people don’t have the guts to buy this book, never mind the will to follow through and actually use it. But you do. And I’m certain that you’ll be glad you did.” 

           — Seth Godin, author, The Dip