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The 360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell

BreadBox Rating  - 8 out of 10

Number of pages  - 368

Summary  -  According to leadership expert John Maxwell, you can learn to develop your influence from wherever you are in the organization by becoming a 360-degree leader. You can learn to lead up, lead across and lead down. He writes that only 360-degree leaders influence people at every level of the organization, and by helping others, they help themselves. In The 360 Degree Leader, Maxwell explains that becoming a 360-degree leader is within the reach of anyone who possesses average or better leadership skills and is willing to work at it.

Breadbox Review  -  This book teaches you to hone, develop and use your influence as a leader wherever you’re at in an organization. Even if you’re the guy in the middle or the guy at the bottom, this book will show you unique strategies to positively influence your boss, peers or subordinates. You’ll find that the change needed the most in your organization isn’t your boss or peers, but you. Read this book if you’re looking for a challenging way to engage the people around you and influence them by focusing on developing yourself. 

   This book has changed the way team members at BreadBox operate, lead, and act in their organizations, families, and friend groups. It's easy to believe lies of leadership that may hinder you from growing, but if you take the principles this book offers and apply them to your life, you'll find your career and relationships will become incredibly rewarding as you develop the skill of being a 360-degree leader. 


Nick Sasala