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It's Your Ship by Michael Abrashoff

BreadBox Rating  - 7.75 out of 10

Number of pages  - 240

Summary  -  When Captain Abrashoff took command of the USS Benfold, he inherited a broken culture. His sailors were worn down by typical military leadership. Abrashoff gave them a reason to care again, and in return they gave him the "Best Damn Ship in the Navy."

Breadbox Review   -  Have you ever wondered what it will take for your company to reach the next level? There's a good chance that the answer has to do with company culture. The culture aboard the USS Benfold was broken when Michael Abrashoff took command. His sailors were weary of traditional military leadership styles that had left them dry.

   Abrashoff shares how he turned it all around by giving ownership back to his sailors. He made them care again through innovative leadership approaches. He even broke a few rules along the way.

   Anyone who wants to turn their company around will love this book. Abrashoff does not shy away from sharing his best practices. The book reads as an easy-to-understand instruction manual for how to improve company culture.

Outside Reviews

  • "I just read Abrashoff's "It's Your Ship" and strongly recommend the book to managers at all levels and academics that teach Management, Organizational Behavior and Leadership. The author, Captain D. Michael Abrashoff - former commander of the USS Benfold, write in an engaging, easy to read style. The information he conveys is priceless. If you are concerned about productivity, profitability and opportunities for growth, the book is a handbook for success.
    Having spent many years in the "old Corps (USMC)", heavy industry and higher education, I, too, have come to reject the old fashioned and dysfunctional command and control approach to leadership. There is a much better model and it is well described and richly illustrated in this book."

             ― Dr. Thomas M. Box

  • "I absolutely love this book, I work in Property Managment and give this book to all the managers on my team. The stories are very relatable to many different businesses and I have read this book multiple times. I always enjoy going back to re-read this and I am sure I will continue to pick it up over the years. Very easy read."

             ― Andrew John Patacca