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It was like they spotted Sasquatch and didn’t know what to do…

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Initiative Starts With an "I"

A few months ago my team moved to a new floor in our building. The first time I washed my hands in the restroom, I was sprayed all over my shirt because the water pressure...

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The Surprising Lesson of Brutal Honesty

Honesty, truthfulness; whatever you’d like to call it (I’ve decided to call it “candor”), many people underestimate the value of candor in an organization, relationship, or family.

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Study Your Success

...learning from your successes can put you on the fast track to excellence!

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Living an Engaged Life

“Living in the moment” is a difficult phrase for me to understand. It sounds hippy...

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Why Everyone Should Have A Tribe

It is hard-wired into our human biology to function and thrive best in close-knit tribes.

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Mission Over Goals

Living a mission-driven life puts the burden of responsibility in our complete control.

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Fives Truths To Keep You On The Road To Your Dreams
Process Over Outcome - Focusing on Results Won't Teach You Anything

It's not always about the outcome. What we learn in the process is what REALLY matters.

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Negotiation 101: Say What You Need to Say

Being a "yes-man" to avoid conflict doesn't have to be the essence of your existence. Learn to negotiate! 

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Four Things My Dog has Taught Me

Our little Bichon Frise, Rhylan Cooper Wazowski (yes, we named him after Mike Wazowki from Pixar’s Monsters Inc.) just turned 1-year old last week!

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Why I'm Not Making Any New Year's Resolutions
Two Rules to Help You Chase Your Dreams

As Kyle Sasala mentioned in Dreams Are Dirty, chasing your dreams can be exhausting.

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Be Your Best - Be a Goaltender!

Imagine if you had to drive your car each day using only the obstacles on or around the road as your navigational aids, ignoring any road markings or street signs.

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The Best Advice You'll Hear Today

Don't live to work, work to live.

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When Change is Hard, But Necessary

It’s not uncommon that change is often paired with feelings of fear and discomfort.

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The Ship of Opportunity - A Fable

The ocean water rushed softly up the shoreline. The wall of foam and bubbles crashed into the feet of two men sitting on the shore. The water receded unnoticed, their eyes...

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Why You Need to Shut Everything Off

*Bhzzzzz bhzzzz*, the lovely, irritating, and all-too-familiar sound of a notification on your phone.

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13 Phrases That Have Literally Changed My Life

Sometimes, I feel dissatisfied with who I am, or who I’m becoming. 

Been there?

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