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Coffee Cup Sleeves

One of my favorite sleeves on the board today says, “anything for someone going through chemo treatments xoxo”…

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Initiative Starts With an "I"

A few months ago my team moved to a new floor in our building. The first time I washed my hands in the restroom, I was sprayed all over my shirt because the water pressure...

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Pick Your Battles
What Does It Really Mean to "Agree to Disagree"?

Have you ever been in a discussion (that feels more like a debate) and out of frustration, someone says, “Ok, let's agree to disagree”?

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Lead Like You Should Love

One of my favorite books is “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek. What Sinek illustrates...

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Disney's Pixar's Greatest Tool: The Blue Sky

Disney’s Pixar is one of the greatest, most excellent film companies in the world. Their attention to detail and...

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Four Things My Dog has Taught Me

Our little Bichon Frise, Rhylan Cooper Wazowski (yes, we named him after Mike Wazowki from Pixar’s Monsters Inc.) just turned 1-year old last week!

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Daring Greatly

Vulnerability is a word that is synonymous with soft, timid, and apprehensive for many people...

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Why I'm Not Making Any New Year's Resolutions
A New Thanksgiving Tradition That'll Change Everything!

A tradition that'll change Thanksgiving forever!

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Why Successful People Don't Focus On Money

The best companies, organizations, and people don't focus on money; they focus on serving others.

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How to Lead Others to Achieve the Impossible

On Aug 26th, Floyd Mayweather who was undefeated and heavily favored defeated Connor McGregor, who was fighting...

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The Ship of Opportunity - A Fable

The ocean water rushed softly up the shoreline. The wall of foam and bubbles crashed into the feet of two men sitting on the shore. The water receded unnoticed, their eyes...

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13 Phrases That Have Literally Changed My Life

Sometimes, I feel dissatisfied with who I am, or who I’m becoming. 

Been there?

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Don't Have A Good Leader? Be One!

Do you feel stuck at a dead end job feeling like nothing but a cog in a system with little to no meaning? Are you waiting...

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Living a No Regret Life

Youth provides an excellent opportunity.  The chance to plot a course over time, that will provide the...

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Greatness is Not for the Chosen Few, But for the Few Who Choose it.

Often times people see the culmination of perseverance from years of relentlessly pounding the stone by seeing an athlete raise a trophy, a businessman earn a big promotion, or a scientist make a breakthrough in her field...

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Digging Deeper: Relationships

Do you find yourself wasting time on social media, scrolling through posts or snaps to see what is going on with those you are “connected” with?

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Creating Calm in Chaos

Everyday it seems as though my life continues to get more and more hectic. With so many things going on all the time...

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You're A Leader, Whether You Like It or Not.

You've got a lot of guts for opening this post, primarily because you're not going to be able to ignore the truths listed here. Trust me, they'll stick in your mind from now on.

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