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Coffee Cup Sleeves

One of my favorite sleeves on the board today says, “anything for someone going through chemo treatments xoxo”…

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It was like they spotted Sasquatch and didn’t know what to do…

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The Surprising Lesson of Brutal Honesty

Honesty, truthfulness; whatever you’d like to call it (I’ve decided to call it “candor”), many people underestimate the value of candor in an organization, relationship, or family.

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What Grandma Taught Me

Last night, I had a vivid dream. It involved my grandma Dorothea, who we affectionately call “Dot” for short. Dot passed away last...

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Why Everyone Should Have A Tribe

It is hard-wired into our human biology to function and thrive best in close-knit tribes.

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Pick Your Battles
What Does It Really Mean to "Agree to Disagree"?

Have you ever been in a discussion (that feels more like a debate) and out of frustration, someone says, “Ok, let's agree to disagree”?

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Negotiation 101: Say What You Need to Say

Being a "yes-man" to avoid conflict doesn't have to be the essence of your existence. Learn to negotiate! 

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Lead Like You Should Love

One of my favorite books is “Leaders Eat Last” by Simon Sinek. What Sinek illustrates...

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Four Things My Dog has Taught Me

Our little Bichon Frise, Rhylan Cooper Wazowski (yes, we named him after Mike Wazowki from Pixar’s Monsters Inc.) just turned 1-year old last week!

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Daring Greatly

Vulnerability is a word that is synonymous with soft, timid, and apprehensive for many people...

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A New Thanksgiving Tradition That'll Change Everything!

A tradition that'll change Thanksgiving forever!

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Why Successful People Don't Focus On Money

The best companies, organizations, and people don't focus on money; they focus on serving others.

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How to Lead Others to Achieve the Impossible

On Aug 26th, Floyd Mayweather who was undefeated and heavily favored defeated Connor McGregor, who was fighting...

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Don't Have A Good Leader? Be One!

Do you feel stuck at a dead end job feeling like nothing but a cog in a system with little to no meaning? Are you waiting...

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Two Words that are Halting Your Progress

Have you ever thought about the types of words you use to describe a timeframe?

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Living a No Regret Life

Youth provides an excellent opportunity.  The chance to plot a course over time, that will provide the...

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Digging Deeper: Relationships

Do you find yourself wasting time on social media, scrolling through posts or snaps to see what is going on with those you are “connected” with?

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Trusted Delegation

Taking the advice of a famous ice princess to "let it go" can certainly be a challenge for a leader.

Let's pretend you've been given a project by your manager. You can't do it yourself. You need your team.

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Leading from Where You Are

A number of years ago, I discovered a love for the study of leadership and found myself constantly reading books and articles, listening to podcasts, or watching TED Talks whenever I could.

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