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Creating Calm in Chaos

Everyday it seems as though my life continues to get more and more hectic. With so many things going on all the time, it is easy to feel like I am in a constant state of chaos. The stress that comes from this weighs heavy on me. I sleep less, eat too fast, and miss opportunities to focus on what is really important in my life.

As a leader, this is extremely important to recognize. We can be responsible for creating this chaos by living a hectic life and demonstrating it to those we are leading. Likewise, there are external influences that often bring chaos into our lives. So what is the solution?

While it may not be easy, we can create calm in the midst of chaos by following a few simple steps:

1. Slow Down

When I feel like I can’t slow down because things are hectic, most of the time that is exactly what I need to do. I am not able to give my best if I am rushed to get to the next thing on my list. I may feel as though I am going to let someone down or fail to complete a task, but once I recognize that I need to slow down, I can communicate that to whom I am accountable. By slowing down, I am less likely to make mistakes and am able to think more clearly about what needs to get done.

2. Refocus on the Priorities

Often the cause of chaos in my life comes from a desire to do more than I have the capacity to handle. When I overfill my plate, it is often because I let things that are not aligned with my priorities creep onto it. It might require me to work on How to Say No or to refocus on what is really important and put my effort into those things first. Sometimes chaos is inevitable, and if I am clear on what my priorities are, it can help me remain calm and keep the focus on completing the critical tasks first.

3. Understand Your Influence

If I focus on remaining calm when things are chaotic, I am demonstrating a characteristic that I desire others to emulate. By doing this consistently, I can create calm among those who surround me that will likely spread to others. However, if I let myself get caught up in the chaos, that too will spread and it becomes much harder to control. Regardless if I am demonstrating how I deal with chaos in my own life or how I deal with turmoil when it shows up at work, modeling calm is a great way to achieve the desired results.

By slowing down, refocusing on the priorities, and understanding your influence, I believe that you can successfully create calm when things get chaotic. So, I challenge you to work on creating calm in the chaos of your life.