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What is BreadBox?

What is BreadBox? We get asked this question a lot.

Right now, it’s a website with a blog that posts twice a week and also has a page full of incredible resources, and a growing list of book recommendations. But really, it’s much more then a website.

BreadBox is a community of people sick of drifting through life, waiting for something good to happen to them. It’s an organization dedicated to helping people, especially young people, see their potential as leaders and rise up to pursue excellence. 

Simply put,

BreadBox is a place for people who want to grow in their personal and leadership development.

So why should you get involved? Why should you even follow BreadBox?

Because you want to pursue your dreams and see them come true.

And that can’t happen unless you’re honest with yourself by answering this question:

How are you going to fulfill your dreams?

Let’s try something real quick. Below is text box for your dream. Type in your dream (& email if you want, totally optional) and leave it there while you read the rest of this.

What's your dream? Dream big!

Is it in the box? Good!

Now…how are you going to achieve that dream? By trying harder? By working late hours? By getting a degree? By accident?

Most people don’t know how they’re going to achieve their dream. They think that one day, somehow someway, their dream will happen to them. They’ll get lucky and hit the lottery of their dream and make it big.

But here’s the problem…life isn’t like that. You can’t hope that your dream will happen someday. 


Here’s where BreadBox comes in.

We exists to help you pursue your dreams by:

1. Challenging you to think differently through engaging, thought-provoking content

Our blog posts are designed to challenge you to think differently. Some of our posts provide actions you can take to improve yourself and reach your dreams.

2. Giving you tools to help you grow

We’ve compiled a list of incredible tools that our team uses to further our growth and increase our productivity.

3. Finding the best books for you to read

We've personally read and reviewed an ever-growing list of books that have helped us grow and pursue our dreams.

4. Helping you develop discipline

If you follow us on Facebook, we intentionally share content that will help you develop discipline. Follow us to get daily accountability for your disciplines through our posts. 

5. Encouraging you to stop drifting and start growing

That’s our motto: stop drifting, start growing! Because the truth is, drifting through life will get you no where. You have to grow on purpose!

BreadBox is only just starting. We have dreams for it to be a podcast, coaching and consultation service, monthly book and content subscription, and so much more.

But for now, BreadBox is here to challenge you to stop drifting, take your dreams seriously, and become the person you were meant to be.

Are you ready to take the plunge? 

Don’t forget about your dream in the form above! If you want to join the growing BreadBox community, enter your email and submit your dream. You’ll be glad you did!