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How to Make Wise Decisions at Work


You're stuck. You've got an important task to do or have a critical decision to make and you're not sure what to do. If you ask for help, what will your direct reports or your manager think? If you guess, what if you get it wrong? You need to approach this situation wisely.

1. Contribution is Key

Gather your trusted advisors who should be a collection of colleagues and often engaged team members. Hold a brainstorming scrum and ask for input to scope your approach. If you don't get contribution from those around you, you'll be less likely to succeed. 

2. Timing is Everything

Be careful to know how quickly you need to make a decision. Sometimes you need to make a decision fast. Stand behind it and own any redirection that comes. Alternatively, you can first communicate that in the interest of taking the best approach and mitigating any unforeseen risks, you need time to do your due diligence. Know that you don't always get the luxury of having 100% of the desired information to make a decision.

3. Debriefing is a Must

Too often debriefing results gets overlooked. After your decision was made and the result of it realized, look back to learn. What worked well and what could have been done better? Did you involve the right people? Don't be afraid of asking for feedback. Write it down. Learn from looking back.

We're back to your decision. Take a breath, make your plan, communicate it, and own it. This is your winning approach!