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You're A Leader, Whether You Like It or Not.

You've got a lot of guts for opening this post, primarily because you're not going to be able to ignore the truths listed here. Trust me, they'll stick in your mind from now on. So unless you're ready to change, click out now.

You're a leader. Even if you just got out of college and are working at a financial institution, or your still in school. Whether you're a stay at home mom, or an intern. You're a leader.

The person you're leading the most? Yourself. (We’re making a whole podcast series on this. Check it out here!)

To you, this may not be mind blowing. It also may not seem that important. You may even be tempted to click out of this post right now, because it all seems like a waste of time.

But let me assure you; practicing healthy self-leadership is the best way you can spend your time. 

Why? Well, let’s ask a few questions to uncover that answer for you.

1. Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Try filling in an answer in the blank: "In 10 years I want to be _________.”? Maybe your answer is a doctor, or a parent, or a business owner. You may even have dreams of being rich, being a popular public figure, or being the boss at work. Whatever your answer is, you’ve got to know what direction you want to move in. 

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t have an answer for this question. This leads to a life of drifting, hoping that they’ll one day bump into something awesome and become great on accident. It almost every case, this doesn’t happen. If you want to get somewhere, you’ve got to be purposeful. That’s one of the biggest values of self-leadership: purpose.

2. How do you plan on getting there?

So now we’ve moved past the dream phase and are now in reality. How will you get there? This question places you directly on the path that will, one day, lead to your envisioned future. It’s really difficult to answer this question, but keeping it simple is necessary. 

My 10 year answer is simple: I want to be developing, coaching, and consulting leaders. But how do I plan on getting there? With small steps and disciplines. I read a book for 30 minutes each day, I also have created a Life Plan that keeps me on track, and I am involved in a mastermind group. These small disciplines don’t seem significant, but they’ll add up over time. If you don’t have a plan for getting to where you want to be, then you won’t get there. 

3. What are you doing now that’s moving you forward?

Actions speak volumes. Walking the walk is far greater than talking the talk. If we only have our 10-year answer and a plan to get there but no movement forward, we’re wasting our time. Even if the plan is simple or small, you’ve got to start now or you’ll never get there!

Before I created a plan for my 10-year vision, I kinda just…did whatever I wanted. I ate whatever I wanted. I said whatever I wanted. I put myself in situations that didn’t lead me toward my 10-year vision. My actions didn’t elicit growth in me, and I just drifted. But, when I clearly envisioned my 10-year vision, I knew I needed a plan to get there. This plan took a while to implement (and if you didn’t notice, BreadBox is a small step to my 10-year vision), but has dramatically affected me. I’m much more intentional with my actions now, because I’m leading myself well and moving in the direction toward my dream!

Did those questions convince you?

Self-leadership is 100% necessary if you’re going to achieve your dreams. With poor self-leadership, you’ll see poor results in your life. Laziness, procrastination, and stubbornness are incredibly easy to fall into. But the people that rise above, reach for the stars, and realize their dreams push past laziness. They recognize that, unless they have a plan and change their actions, they won’t be where they want to be. 

You have to intentionally lead yourself to a better future. No one will do it for you.

So when are you going to start? Maybe you’ve started, but have fallen behind. That’s why BreadBox is here! We want to help you move in the direction toward your 10-year dream. We want you to succeed! We want you to lead yourself exceptionally well.

You’re a leader, whether you like it or not. The question is, will you start acting like a leader and grow where it matters most?