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Do You Know Your Strengths?

Well…do ya? Most people don’t know their strengths. 

Your strengths are what you’re good at. They’re things that you do naturally, sometimes to the fascination of others. Here’s an example: a young man I mentor has an incredible strength that not many possess. He’s able to enter every social situation and have a sense of who is feeling left-out. Once he finds the individual, or group of individuals, that feel left-out, he intentionally interacts with them. His passion, or strength, is to include others, especially those who are “misfits.”

Sadly, most people focus entirely on their weaknesses. The primary reason probably has to do with our cultures obsession of improving our weaknesses.

Rather than focus on our weaknesses, it’s time we focus on our strengths. If we don’t know our strengths, we can’t improve ourselves. We can’t reach our fullest potential and pursue our dreams. We can’t be who we were created to be!

Knowing your strengths will help you in these ways:

1. It’ll Improve Your Confidence 

When you know what you’re good at, it provides you with confidence. Honing in on that “sweet spot” really has a positive affect on your self-esteem. If you know what you’re strengths are, you’ll no doubt gain more confidence in yourself and that strength.

2. It’ll Give you Focus

You can either be okay with multiple things or excellent with a few. I’d personally prefer to be excellent with a few. The benefit of focus is being able to hone in on what you’re great at and improve it. Rather than balancing a plethora of weaknesses and doing just “okay” in them, ditch the weakness and focus on the strength!

3. It Allows You to Grow

Coupled with this idea of focus, honing in on my strengths provides me with a ton of opportunity to grow. One of my strengths is public speaking. I love to engage, challenge, and win over a crowd. Since this is one of my sweet spots, I've got to grow it. I’ve got to put time into it, or else it won’t move. This means that I’ll have to let certain things that I’m weak at stay in the background, or delegate them to others. Focus on your strengths, then grow them!

4. You’ll Better Serve Others

You’re more valuable to others when you master your strengths. Why? Because your strengths can help fill in others weaknesses. We all have strengths that other lack. By being excellent with your strength, you’ll be in a better position to serve those around you.

What are your strengths? Do you still struggle knowing yours?

Well, I want to suggest an amazing resources that will help you. There’s a book called Strength Finders 2.0, and can be found here. It’s a test and book designed to help you know your strengths. 

This book has already helped me realized some of my top strengths:

  • Woo (winning others over)

  • Includer

  • Positivity

  • Futuristic

  • Strategic

Knowing these strengths has given me focus and opportunity for growth. Maybe it’s time you learned your strengths so you can focus and grow, too!