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"Hey, good job!" How to Master Recognition


"Hey, good job!" We've likely heard this feedback and you've likely given it.

If you feel that saying "Good job!" is great recognition to give, you're wrong!

A study, funded by Make Their Day, an employee motivation firm, and Badgeville, a gamification company, surveyed 1,200 U.S. employees from a broad cross-section of industries. Among the study’s highlights:  83% of respondents said recognition for contributions was more fulfilling than any rewards or gifts. Wow! So knowing the power of recognition, why is "good job" wrong? Because it's not good enough. We just read how powerful it is, so make the effort it deserves.

Here are four tips to master recognition:

1. Be specific.

Being specific and giving details shows you truly noticed the value they brought to the table.

2. Go public.

Recognize your employees amongst their peers. They care about what others think, trust me!

3. Make it count.

If you are going to reward those whom you want to recognize, make it something they will appreciate. Management at the company I work at once announced that all employees in our department could wear jeans in recognition of the group working hard through a challenging quarter. They received a standing ovation from the employees!

4. Leverage!

Giving recognition and rewards in the right way right can spawn engagement, excitement, and energy. Don't let it get stale. Challenge your team to meet the new bar that has been set and champion them to set it even higher!

Keep learning

There are so many different ways we can give recognition. Always look for opportunities to learn better ways to recognize the people around you! You'll find that mastering recognition will not just benefit the people you recognize, but the entire culture of people you lead.


What are other effective ways to recognize people?

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