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4 Apps to Help You Boost Your Productivity

We’d all agree that productivity is important, but how much do we do to increase our productivity?

There’s no doubt that some days are more productive then others. It’s the way of life. But what makes one day more productive then another? There are a few things that lead to a more productive day:

  • Setting priorities - You know exactly what you need to do and when to do it.
  • Tracking your activities - If you can’t track your progress on a project, task, or job, you won’t be productive. That’s why track-ability keeps you moving forward.
  • Having a routine - It may seem bland, but routine is proven to boost daily productivity.
  • Staying focused - Without a doubt, this is the biggest booster of productivity: focusing on the task at hand.

You may have found that knowing how to be productive isn’t enough: we need help! More specifically, we need tools to help us remain productive throughout an entire project, task or job. 

Here are 4 apps that have helped me boost my productivity:


1. Evernote

Evernote is by far one of my favorite apps. This app keeps me organized, is a place to put my ideas, and is the vault of all my documents. One thing that kills my productivity is searching for something. I previously used Microsoft Word for all my note taking. I had hundreds of folders, thousands of docs, but no system. This made it incredibly difficult to back-track and search for the information I needed.

Evernote eliminates the messiness of folders, puts everything in a cloud, and is even portable on your phone. It allows you to break categories down into notebooks, which can host nearly unlimited notes. It also can be downloaded and cross-synced on any device, which is great for quick note taking when you’re away from your computer.

2. Wunderlist

Keeping your tasks in front of you is incredibly important. Wunderlist is a simple digital to-do app, with the ability to create folders, input due-dates on tasks, and invite collaboration with team members. In addition, you can make tasks repeat every week to include all your normal weekly tasks. Talk about creating routine! 

Since this is available on tablet, phone, and computer, I use the mobile app to quickly jot down reminders. Within Wunderlist, I also use a priority system for my tasks to keep everything organized. Read more about the priority system mentioned above in the blog post How to Use Monday to Jumpstart Your Week.

3. Slack

If you’re a 90’s kid, Slack is basically AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) for business. Slack connects your whole team onto one platform where you can send individual messages, group messages, general messages, and really any type of messages you want. Rather then send an email, walk into an office, or call a coworker about something minor, Slack gives you the ability to instantly chat with anyone on your team, which speeds up productivity. 

4. TimeTune 

TimeTune is a unique app that allows you to literally plan out your day, minute by minute. It keeps track of your current activity in real-time, allowing you to stay focused on what you’ve prioritized.

I use this app to plan my entire week, and refer to it multiple times throughout the day. I found that it grounds me, helps me focus, and reminds me to move on to the next activity for my day so I can achieve what I want. I love that I can customize activities by color and emoji, allowing me to add all types of activities that are unique to me.

No guarantee

Do these apps guarantee to boost your productivity? No. But finding apps and systems that work for you is important. Whatever you use, always try to find ways to boost your productivity so you can stop drifting and start getting what you want!

What are some of your favorite apps that improve your productivity?  

Leave us your favorite tools in the comments below!