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Why You Need a Solid Playlist

Most people work in an office with lots of noise, people and distractions. It can be almost impossible to focus and get stuff done. 

Personally, I find it hard to concentrate because of all the distractions around me at work. (I even wrote a post about distractions and how they can set you back found here.)

Out of this dilemma, I came up with an incredibly simple solution: listen to music. This idea isn’t mind blowing or original, yet it has greatly improved my workflow.

Whether it’s through Spotify, Apple Music or Amazon Prime Music, I’m a huge believer in using unique and inspiring playlists to help you get through the day.

Here’s why you need a solid playlist to turn to in times of noise and distraction:

1. To block out noise & focus

When there is too much going on around you, anchor yourself into your favorite playlist to focus and cut-down noise.

2. To uplift and inspire

I have three types of playlists: light, movie scores, and upbeat. Depending on what I’m working on, I’ll use each playlist to set the mood for my current task to inspire me, and use my upbeat playlist to uplift my spirits!

3. To save time

 Since I’m an outgoing guy, causal conversations are tempting for me. My playlists help me avoid unnecessary distractions and save time!

4. To relax

Relax at work?! Yep, I relax at work. Not lounging around doing nothing productive. I want my body to be relaxed, not stressed, and ready to take on any challenge that comes at me. Music helps me relax, embrace the challenges of the day, and be productive.

If you use Spotify for your music source, check out a few of the playlists I’ve created that I use daily!

Light Music

Movie Scores

Upbeat Music

What are you waiting for? Plug in your head phones and make a solid playlist!


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