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Trusted Delegation


Taking the advice of a famous ice princess to "let it go" can certainly be a challenge for a leader.

Let's pretend you've been given a project by your manager. You can't do it yourself. You need your team.

So, let's define the risks and rewards of your need to delegate in this situation.

First and foremost, notice I didn't say "delegate responsibility." It is your responsibility to ensure successful completion of the project given to you. You can't be hands off yet you need to oversee. Therein lies the rub: the tension between delegating responsibility and tasks.

That's where Trusted Delegation comes in

To master the balance of risks in delegation and micromanaging, you must trust. Trust what? Trust in those you delegate. If you cannot trust them, you have chosen delegates poorly. Frame the delegation to your team as an opportunity to showcase their talents. Get them to buy in by answering their subconscious question of "What's in it for me?"

After doing this, confirm your trust by simply checking in with the team or project lead. Watch the timeline and address red flags or threats. Be an escalation point, not a micromanager. While this is no time to let the team learn by failing, it is ripe with opportunities for growth, challenge, and recognition.

Choose wisely and trust in your delegation!

What areas do you struggle delegating to others?