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How to Use Monday to Jumpstart Your Week

It’s common to hear people complain about Monday.

Whether it’s the fact that you’re heading back into your work week, or you’re exhausted from the weekend, Monday’s tend to get a bad wrap.

So, how can you take hold of Monday, and actually be productive in it? How can you make it less of a negative day, and more of an encouraging, exciting day?

Who we will be tomorrow is determined by the disciplines we instill today.

Every Monday, I carve out an hour to plan not just my day, but my entire week. This process has made Monday’s exciting for me, and has improved my productivity throughout the week. The reason I do this is because I believe who we will be tomorrow is determined by the disciplines we instill today. Here’s what my process looks like:

Find a quiet, lonely place

This helps me concentrate, focus and get the results I want for my Monday review.

Turn off email, social media and phone

Eliminating distractions is key. I turn everything off except my computer, since I have my projects, goals, and to-do lists on there.

Review last week

Taking 5 minutes to look at my previous week helps me remember if I’ve committed to something but haven’t followed through. I also skim my calendar from last week to help me see if I’ve missed anything.

Review upcoming events

This sets the tone for my whole Monday review. It gives me an idea of what my goals should be, my calendar looks like, and where I’ll be putting my time.

Prioritize my day

Monday is my admin day, which means I do loads of tiny tasks that are boring and drag me down. If I don’t prioritize what’s most important, then I’ll end up trying to do a dozen things at once.

To prioritize, I use a symbol priority system to label all my tasks: 

** = Most important, do first. 

A = must be done today, then I add a number to show priority level (i.e. Email Mark Proposal - A1). 

B = must be done this week, and I also add number system. 

C = must be done in the future, and I also add number system.

Prioritize my week

Monday should be a stepping stone into a productive, laser-focused week. I ensure that my goals for the week are threaded throughout every day of the week so I can be productive, focused and hit my goals intentionally. 

How can doing these practices jumpstart your week? Because they gives you the time, the focus, and the energy to prioritize what’s most important to you. If you don’t take the time to prioritize your week, you’ll never get to where you want to be.

A great app I use to prioritize projects and tasks is called Wunderlist.

How do you approach Monday’s, and what tips would you give someone who struggles with organizing their week?

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