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5 Signs That You're a Drifter


A drifter: someone who is drifting through life with little purpose or direction.

Does that describe you? I hope it doesn’t. It definitely described me a few years ago.

I was just drifting through life, hoping someday I’d make it big. I put my hope in that fact that by simply existing I’d become great. I didn’t have goals for myself. I didn’t have a plan for my life. I just…drifted. Aimlessly. For years.

Thankfully, I had a mentor shake me awake and show me how dangerous drifting is, and how so many people live their entire lives as drifters.

Maybe this describes you. Maybe you’ve just drifted through life, haven’t given much thought to your goals, or haven’t pursued ways to grow. 

Time to look in the mirror. Here are 5 signs that you’re a drifter.

You lack discipline

This is more then just not wanting to do something; it’s deciding to not do what you need to do. Whether it’s finish a paper due in two weeks, cleaning up after yourself, or not giving your spouse the attention they need, you’re lacking discipline. We all struggle with discipline, but a drifter does nothing to improve their discipline. They sit back, hope for the best, and live a life filled with emotion-based decision that mostly lead to disappointment.

You don’t have character

This person lacks the actions of a moral person. They often cheat, cut corners, and don’t care for others feelings. Instead of doing what’s right, they’ll do what’s best for them. Egotistical, immoral, cowardly, untrustworthy. These are all signs of someone who has little or no character. 

Your have low quality relationships

Sure, a drifter may have friends, but it’s unlikely they’re great friends. Most drifters have a selfish bend toward everything, and put themselves first. Whether it’s friendships, spouses, family members or co-workers, a drifter has relationships that aren’t growing or moving anywhere healthy, because they aren’t growing. 

You complain a lot

Everything is a problem, and every situation is difficult. People that complain often and loudly can almost always be distinguished as a drifter. They focus on other peoples behaviors rather than their own. Their always the victim of any situation, and rarely have anything to complain about themselves. Complaining is not the mark of someone who is growing.

You tend to be a loner

No, I’m not talking about introverts. I’m talking about people who hole themselves up and can’t be reached by the outside world. Most of the time, these people are single, living alone, and have a job that requires little social interaction. Why is this a sign of a drifter? Because everyone needs people to help them grow. Community is what pushes us to grow, become better and learn. 

Now’s the time to wake up! If you read these signs and found yourself guilty by one or two, you may be a drifter. What will you do to stop drifting and start growing? It’s never to late to start!

What are other signs that people might be drifting?