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Quirky Ways to be More Productive


You probably opened this post is because you’re lacking tools or motivation to be productive. We’ve all been there: waiting for the right amount of motivation, micro-management or assignment to make us more productive. Almost always, no amount of motivation launches anyone into a long-term season of healthy productivity. Today, I’d like to suggest some ways to be productive without losing your mind.

1.  Daily Objectives

Every day, I write down a handful of daily objectives (or goals) that I plan to accomplish in my day. You’ve likely done this before, but your list may have less urgency than required. When I write something down on my list, it must be done that day, or else! Basically meaning, you can’t stop working until you complete all objectives.

This tip may sound redundant or “old hat”, but it’s a simple and effective way to increase your productivity. Even on my days off, I write a small objective list: take a shower, water the plants, read for 30 minutes. Why is this important? Because it provides me with purpose in my job (or life) every day by giving me an (1) objective, (2) a deadline, and (3) a result. This boosts my productivity and makes me more motivated!

2. Meditation

I’m not talking about sitting cross-legged while touching your thumb and pointer finger (although that might help). Meditation is the effort of fully relaxing your body, mind and spirit. It enables you to understand and place a name on certain pains in your body, anxieties in your mind, or fears in your spirit.

I’ve recently started meditating almost daily and it’s really given me a new perspective on living each day in the moment. There is inherent value in giving yourself the space you need to relax and process the events and situation in your life. Since I’ve started meditating, I’ve noticed myself being more present, having more energy, and gaining the ability to focus, which has dramatically increased my productivity

3. Weekly Reviews

I wrote a lot about this in the post “How to Use Monday to Jumpstart Your Week”. Doing a weekly Monday review has greatly increased my productivity and enabled me to focus on what really matters.

Every Monday, I find a quiet place at work and spend 45 minutes to one hour reading my Life Plan, viewing past and future calendar events, determining one overarching goal for this week, and prioritize my daily objectives. Basically, I use Monday’s to set up the target I’ll be shooting at the entire week. Weekly reviews provide me with the ability to assess my goals, connect them with my future, and aim to make the biggest impact with my time.

4. Shut It All Down

Your phone, your computer, and yes, your email. Decide 2-3 times a day to shut everything off for 30 minutes to one hour. This provides your brain the ability to reset and will force you to rest.

During this time, grab a coffee, sit down in a public space or talk with co-workers. The most productive times for me typically follow a short break from work. I bet it will work for you, too!

5. Read

In the middle of your workday, sit down and read. It may be a book or an online article. Doesn’t matter. Just take some time to clear your headspace and read. Reading activates different parts of the brain that lead to high productivity levels. Grab a book and start reading!

6. Drink a Gallon of Water

This is the weirdest tip I can give. I drink a gallon of water daily and have seen a massive uptick in my energy levels, which affects my productivity. You can buy a gallon jug of water at Walmart for $.89. Get chuggin’!

These are only a few of many tips to increase your productivity. Remember, something that works for me won’t always work for you, and vice versa. So take some time to find out what works for you.

Since we’re on the topic: what are some of the best productivity tips you’ve heard or can give?