BreadBox Leadership



Be Your Best - Be a Goaltender!


Imagine if you had to drive your car each day using only the obstacles on or around the road as your navigational aids, ignoring any road markings or street signs.

Aside from the anxiety this would cause due to the fear of having an accident, our attention would almost entirely be on trusting the obstacles to guide us.

See where I'm going with this?

We often hear of how vital it is to set goals in our lives but how long has it been since you've tended to those goals? Too many times we evolve our goals based on obstacles or things we don't want rather than striving towards goals that inspire us and challenge us.

For example, I've heard people say, "as long as I don't have this happen, I'll be happy" or, "all I ask for is..." Our goals need to point towards things like happiness, satisfaction, and security, not apathy or settling for anything less than what you used to dream about.

Obstacles are a given, but they need to become objectives to overcome, not mechanisms of steering and evolving our goals.

Take a look at your hopes and dreams...your goals, and get to goaltending. Be honest enough with yourself to discover where unhealthy fears have crept in and reengage those goals which will bring you the desires of your heart.