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A New Thanksgiving Tradition That'll Change Everything!

Thanksgiving is here, and that means football, turkey, over-eating, and family conflict. There’s always good, bad and ugly things about the holidays, but we’ve always got something to be thankful for. Personally, what I’m most thankful for on Thanksgiving is stuffing…Mmmmm!

Like most holidays, Thanksgiving comes with different traditions. Every family has a different way to celebrate Thanksgiving. My family has always done what I assume most families do: we go around the table and say one thing we’re thankful for. Taking time to stop, think, and be thankful really sets the mood for the real reason of the holiday. I’d recommend it to anyone! But today, I want to give you something you may have never done with your family before.

Now, before you go check on the turkey or set the table, read the rest of what I’m about to write. It may change your Thanksgiving traditions forever.

We don’t often pause throughout the year and tell our friends and family how thankful we are for them. Maybe it’s just me, but I rarely tell my family why I’m thankful for them. But one this is true for every person: we long to know how much we’re appreciated. We want people to notice us, tell us we’re a joy to have around, and experience gratitude for just being who we are, worts and all.

So today, as you’re cooking dinner and getting ready to indulge in your Thanksgiving feast; as you’re setting the table, getting food on your plate and talking with your family. And as you sit down to partake in a delicious meal, try doing something different.

Tell every person at the table something about them that you are thankful for.

This may seem awkward or unnecessary, maybe even inconvenient, but from my own experience this exercise has made Thanksgiving a day to remember each year. Instead of focusing on things you’re thankful for like a house, clothes, food, a job, or anything else, focus on showing your thanks to the people around you. They need to hear it more than they know, and you’ll likely receive some thanks as well!

The best thing to do is set the stage, be a leader and tell your family this new tradition before you sit down for dinner. Give people time to think about what they are thankful for most for each person. Then, initiate it! Have everyone at the table focus on one person at a time, showering them with thanks and encouragement. It may seem simple or silly, but it’ll make Thanksgiving this year incredibly memorable!

Enjoy your turkey, pies and football, but don’t forget the people around you that make your life worthwhile and joyful. Be thankful!