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13 Phrases That Have Literally Changed My Life


Sometimes, I feel dissatisfied with who I am, or who I’m becoming. 

Been there?

I’ve found that the reason I am dissatisfied with who I am is because I can’t answer one foundational question: who do I want to be?

Can you answer that question? If you can, it’s probably something cliché like, “I want to be rich,” or “I want to be the best ______.” or “I want to be loving.”

But let’s get specific. Who do you want to be? Describe the future-you to me. What do you sound like, look like, act like? Where do your morals lie, how do you treat others, where do you find your hope?

After listening to an incredible podcast by Craig Groeschel, I felt convicted to answer the question of who I want to be. Craig suggested I start everyday with something called a daily declaration. It’s a statement, or declaration, that describes who I want to be even if I’m not currently it.

Do you want to know who I want to be? I’m going to show you right now.

Every morning, I wake up and speak these 13 phrases out-loud to myself:

What you say is who you’ll become.
  • Jesus is first in my life. I exist to serve and glorify Him.

  •  I love my wife and will lay down my life to serve her.

  • I love people and believe the best about others.

  • I am disciplined. Christ in me is stronger than the wrong desires in me.

  • I am growing closer to Jesus every day. Because of Christ, my family is closer, my body is stronger, my faith is deeper, my leadership is sharper.

  • I am anointed, empowered, equipped and called to reach people far from God.

  • I am creative, innovative, driven, focused, and blessed beyond measure—because the Holy Spirit dwells within me.

  • I develop leaders. That’s not something I do. It’s who I am.

  • My words, thoughts, and imaginations are under the power of Christ. I take all thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ.

  • I wake up with purpose, direction, and meaning every day of my life.

  • Pain is my friend. I rejoice in suffering because Christ suffered for me.

  • I bring my best and then some. It’s what I bring after I do my best that makes the difference.

  • The world will be different and better because I served Jesus today.

Truth be told, I stole this directly from Craig. I want to encourage you to steal it too, and make it your own.

This practice has taught me that what you say is who you'll become.

Who do you want to be? What phrases are you speaking to yourself every day that describe the future-you, or the you-in-progress?

These 13 phrases have make me a better man, husband, friend, and worker. I have purpose every day, because I know that my thoughts, actions, desires, words and intentions must line up with these phrases.

Time to get real! What phrases do you need to implement into your life that describe who you want to be?