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4 Excuses That'll Kill Your Progress

This past week has been a week from hell: my wife had excruciating sciatic back and leg pain that kept us both home from work for a week, barely got 2 hours of sleep each night, and we went to the ER twice. I've been doing everything in my power to take care of Jenna, which is what a husband should do.

But, I've used this situation as an excuse to stop doing certain things "temporarily". Important things that I've disciplined myself to do over the last few months. I've stopped reading daily, having daily planning sessions, exercising, writing and doing devotions.

Jenna's health is almost back to normal, but I'm finding that my situational excuses are starting to make it back into my routine and progress. These are a few excuses that have the potential to kill your progress in a difficult situation:

1.) This situation is more important than my progress.
Well, yes and no. It may be really urgent and important, but there is a saying that states, "this too shall pass." Once the situation ends, will your disciplines kick back in gear?  Will something that is important in the moment uproot the progress you've been working on for months? Temporary urgent and important situations don't deserve to kill the progress you've made over a long period of time.

2.) I'll start back up next week.
Maybe you will. But the likelihood that you'll be 100% as disciplined as before is unlikely. You've got to find ways to keep your disciplines alive even in crisis mode, which leads to the next point...

3.) I just don't have time.
Yes, you do. My wife's back was causing me to worry and care for her every day for two weeks. But there were still moments when I did nothing of importance. I'd lounge around, watch a movie, or play a video game, all while believing I had no time in this situation to keep my progress going. Charles Darwin said it best when he wrote, "A man who dares to waste one hour of his time has not discovered the value of life."

4.) I'm too tired or deserve a break.
I said this a lot last week. I barely got 2 hours of sleep each night, I was exhausted and wanted a break. But I overextended this excuse, taking every moment I could to have a break rather then develop myself. This excuse alone has lasting effects on our progress.

None of what I've written above is meant to make light of difficult situations in your life. Some things certainly deserve 100% of our attention, and are unavoidably going to require we sacrifice our time and disciplines to attend to them.

Whatever your excuse is, you can always find a way to continue making progress in your life, regardless of the situation. My plan from here is to develop a system that allows me to make progress even in crisis mode. Maybe you should develop a system, too!